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Need support with Toughbook? Visit our Toughbook support page.

For information on how to upgrade to Windows 8.1, please visit our global support page.

How To Guides

Want to learn more about our innovative technology? Here's a collection of under-the-hood information and help articles to get you on your way.

  • The Digital Switchover - What it Means for Kiwis

    The digital switchover began in September 2012. Going digital is a new way of receiving your TV signal - if you don't have a digital receiver, you'll be left in a world of static.

  • Your Guide to TVs

    There is a lot of smart technology packed into a Viera TV. To help you get the most of out your Viera, here's a collection of articles about Internet TV, DLNA home networking and much more.

  • Your Guide to Digital Cameras

    What is Micro Four Thirds? Unsure what to look for in a digital camera? Wondering what that F-number means? Here's your guide to digital cameras.

  • Your Guide to Heat Pumps

    New to heat pump technology? Let us help you understand what to look for through a series of simple guides, diagrams, and answers to your frequently asked questions.

  • Your Guide to Fridges

    Panasonic refrigerators not only stylishly blend in with your kitchen décor, they also feature a host of technology designed to preserve the freshness of food for longer and ensures eco-friendly operation. Find out more.

  • Your Guide to Blu-ray Recorders

    Get the lowdown on the benefits of a Panasonic Blu-ray recorder. These easy-to-use devices record and play back High Definition content and broadcasts without the slightest change in quality - and allow you to save that content onto proven High Definition Blu-ray Discs. You need never delete another thing.

Product Support

At Panasonic, we pride ourselves on the reliability of our products.  Should you have any problems, you can send us an enquiry on our contact page.

Product Servicing

Panasonic has Authorised Service partners throughout New Zealand.  Please click here to find an Authorised Service Centre in your region.

Firmware Updates

To update your digital camera firmware, you can visit the global Lumix Firmware Update Service.